Conspiracy of One: Thanks for Giving Me a Headache

I think college football is crazy. I think the winner of the BCS title game should be decided via coin flip.

In the process of working on college applications, and must say I’m having fun. Showing my considerable skill when it comes to the quill moves me like no other force. After relaxing my views for a moment, I feel I have a considerable shot at going to Berkeley. I ask myself daily “do I want this?” The answer is yes, more than any shot at…nah, it’s in a new stratosphere.

I have some sins to atone for, namely my actions Thanksgiving night. I was a complete asshole to my family due to the fact I was depressed. It’s no excuse, and the only person I have to blame for my prolonged solo stint is the guy in the mirror. Traditionally speaking, I don’t deal with the holidays because I know that there’s no girl waiting for me under the mistletoe. Coping with that gets harder each year, and work made it worse. I mean, Danielle keeps bringing her boyfriend around now. I hate seeing happy couples together because I should be happy as well.

Before this, though, I had fun dancing after last Saturday night. I thought I wouldn’t be in any shape to move my feet, but dancing is my cure for the blues. I met Katie there after a prolonged period of poking on Facebook. My first impression is that she’s too beautiful to date. That could be an overstatement, but there was something different about her. Again, dancing was fun, should do more of it, etc.

I spent some time with Jordan today. His birthday present was a laptop, so we went to Circuit City in Compton to pick it up. Must say, if I don’t shut up in various situations, I might not make it to my next birthday. We agreed that when he comes to Long Beach, he’s bringing his television. That thing is beautiful. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Conspiracy of One: Beach Ball

Last night, short of getting action, was freaking awesome. I thought last year’s dance was a spectacle to behold, but this year was really…I needed it. I brought my A-game as I was surrounded by A-listers.

Early morning, I woke up with anticipation of things to come. To start it off, there was the matter of picking up refreshments for the soiree. I was joined by Maribel, who proved to be one heck of a shopper. We were severely under budget, yet we were stocked for most of the night.  I figure one could guess that we shopped at Costco. My committee was composed of very task-oriented people, or at the least, enthused about getting the show put on swiftly.

Seeing as I still had blue hair, I opted for a wardrobe that could only be described as a “blue-out”. At first, people didn’t understand the concept, but they sure enough felt it by the end of the night. Not overly dressed, but definitely worthy of being called an instant classic. While suiting up, I threw on some music to give a mild cinematic feel…slowly arranging my hair, kicking on the shoes, sporting the glasses, and wearing the belt for shits and giggles. With that said, I had fruit trays to deliver to the show.

When I was there, people understood the rock star had arrived, as my fans and rivals greeted me with casual aplomb. With friends, we discussed the scenario, fun to be had, and timing; with rivals, going over moves in basic layout, then offering guarantees to slaughter each other during competition. Anything short of that would be treason, I’m sure.

An hour after the party commenced, the party started. I had a couple of memorable swing songs where I basically taught myself a couple of new formats, which were fun and crowd-pleasing. I barely left the floor when there was music, except for air and salsa, because I still have a long way to go for my salsa to be as good as swing. Then the real fun occurred: line dances.

My rivals and I were all spent due to the pacing of the night, but we all sprinted to the front of the room to lead everyone into battle. Throwing tricky kicks, spins, and a couple of odd chants, we were the body that rocked the party. All in fun, we hugged afterwards because damn it, we had fun. We got together a couple more times for freestyle, including a circle that I was the final attraction by nailing the most electrifying move in sports-entertainment today:


The crowd goes apeshit. APESHIT. That night was a cinematic masterpiece. I even managed to help a few people learn a couple of steps, reminding them it isn’t about knowledge, it’s about attitude. Charisma can cover up any mistake, such as the first time I slid to the ground and faceplanted. Of course, I sold it like I planned it. Good night, good fight. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Conspiracy of One: I Still Don’t Believe in Karma

Alright, let’s recap the last week, shall we?

1. Worked sick for an additional week because I could not get my vacation time.
2. Went to see Raw; enjoyable for most parts, but a lingering pinch persists.
3. Could not find someone to cover my shift for Saturday; no Berkeley for me.
4. Delayed dream for yet another year; I’m pissed.
5. Left for work sick on Saturday, ended up in a car accident on my way to work.
6. Get grilled by mother who rightfully believes I should be in touch with my own limits.
7. Friends go to Berkeley without me, have fun, while I figure out how to come up with a deductible.
8. Woke up with a nosebleed and coughing up blood before dyeing my hair blue.
9. Understandably searching for green because I’ll be damned if my car looks that bad for long.
10. No longer feel any outstanding loyalty to work; starting to suspect boss is out to get me.

Yep, that was my week in a nutshell. Besides the fact that I’ve perfected my swing dance to a level of mind-blowing awesomeness, nothing good seems to have happened. I’m also familiar with the mythical riverdance. Now, to take what is mine…and restore some balance to the force.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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Conspiracy of One: After the Hallowed Eve

My car’s technical detail has been completed. Under my supervision in four months, I have drastically overhauled factory settings inside the vehicle, installing a sound system and alarm of my choosing. Yesterday, I was notified that the alarm I had was not in service, so I swiftly ordered another system installed. Now, I do not have to be in my car for it to be active. I feel like the jackass I was destined to become.

Speaking of which, what did I do on Halloween? Correct, I went salsa dancing. I’d like to think of myself as a bachelor in the art of dance, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel worthy last night. It could have passed for competition last eve. Understandably so, I still had my way a couple of times, steadily picking up new moves. If I was lost, I know that Jared’s chickenshit ass would’ve been even more confused. I wonder what it’s like to be devoid of charisma and killer instinct. I love the floor and limelight, even if I have a long road to greatness. Being scared to step out of a comfort zone is basically suicide in my book…and not the good kind, either.

I dressed up as Mr. Kennedy for Halloween, although I did not have the microphone during the daytime. However, I made sure to bring it to debate class the day after. Some would say the stars were aligned for me to put on a show; a good show. I wore the belt of the champion, the shirt of the flaming conservative, and the hair…well, I needn’t say more. My colleague and I were originally scheduled to debate a walkover team, but instead, we were given the toughest opposition in the class. It took all four of us by surprise, so we had to change strategy seconds before we took the podium. It was at that moment that I decided that win/lose, I was going to raise hell. Sure enough, seconds in, I pissed off the teacher by using “ass” in a speech; I showed no remorse. Then, I gathered momentum, and with my showmanship, I was swiftly dissecting the other team’s arguments. There was excitement and intrigue, because we each gave our best to embarrass the other team. Afterwards, there were no hard feelings, just a relief it was over. If I was given the opportunity to use my microphone and wear the belt, it would have been game over the minute I took the stage. All in all, fun was had; I look forward to a rematch over immigration policy.

Work is burning me out. I gave up my one week of vacation to help out, but wasn’t given a day off I seriously needed. It matters not; I will be in Berkeley next weekend, and there’s not a damn person that can stand in my way.

Reassessing strength of targets; reduced quantity to three girls. Resuming hunt on Tuesday. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

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