Conspiracy of One: Pull the Trigger

On The Pick-Up Artist, one character had trouble with sealing the deal, or “pulling the trigger”. I, too, seem to be suffering from a lack of chutzpah when I have targets locked in the crosshairs. It’s becoming rather redundant, yet at the same time, I feel I can come out of this with at least one victory. The problem lying therein is a considerable age difference that must be fully observed at all costs. In short terms, each girl is older than I am, more mature than the fish I’ve been seeking. I’ve been reviewing resumes, and they all are fine candidates.

Work has been making me ill. I didn’t figure I’d be working as many hours during the school year, but I’m not paid to coordinate schematics. Truth be told, I’m still the highlight of the night. Whenever I’m told otherwise, situations mitigate on my behalf and prove me correct. Is being correct truly worth it all the time? Not sure if it is, but keeping me happy would be integral to my directive.

Must pull the trigger, but which bullet is most viable? Probably the one that works, no?

Oh, and something about Brandon forming Brandonia…as long as it doesn’t intrude on my empire eminanting from Canada, I’m fine. Wait…let me backtrack…I can’t have opposition, he needs to be nuked. Skibbebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Colin Hay “Waiting for My Real Life to Begin”


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