Conspiracy of One: An Empty Room

Trying to thrive in an environment where I’d be a virtual unknown, it’s disappointing to see I’ve ran into roadblocks. One major roadblock is that there’s an idiot four buildings away. I’ve talked to his girlfriend, who I am sure understands why I refuse to associate with that pissant. I will say I dodged a bullet, though; I could’ve been cursed with him as a roommate.

Two more crises of the mind persist: girls and free time. Free time is starting to be a nuisance, as I haven’t coordinated any events to kill my time. I would’ve gone back home earliser today to get my alarm completed, but technical difficulties beyond my realm prevented this.

Of course, girls is the real problem. I guess after I made Jared go apeshit, I realized that my only kryptonite is Christine, and I allow this to be for not one single good reason. There are others on the horizon, but something tells me that the road starts and ends with her.

On a positive note, Danielle just may prove me wrong at work. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Our Lady Peace “Starseed”


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