Conspiracy of One: The Living Headlights

I just received my license plate from the DMV. I just installed my car speakers. If it wasn’t for that pesky alarm, I’d be done with my car. But consider this: I’m almost done. Little after four months of ownership, I have enforced my will upon my chariot. That is no small feat, yet I still feel I could’ve done this much faster. Tsk tsk, damn quest for perfection wears on me.

Dance is working out for me pretty well, especially the basic class that I sometimes grace people by my presence. There are two girls of particular interest: one that flat out loves to dance, and the other who underestimated my cranial faculties. Of course, you can understand why the dancing queen piques my interest; a no-brainer if you will. However, the other one, this challenging vixen, really intrigues me due to similarities. Who is she similar to, you ask? Simple, me. She reminds me of myself, except for the fact that I routinely gauge others’ intellect before writing them off. She wrote me off, yet I proved why I am the prefect among assholes. I convinced her to admit that her newfound enlightenment is fairly….new. I represent the old establishment, and as per F. Scott Fitzgerald’s magnum opus, the old establishment will always prevail over the nouveau riche. Now, to plan a trip to Fullerton, as I haven’t done that in months.

Closing note: I introduced Jordan’s cousin to the New Talent Initiative last night. He seems to be a willing participant in this experiment. My heart smiles with bliss.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.


Conspiracy of One: An Empty Room

Trying to thrive in an environment where I’d be a virtual unknown, it’s disappointing to see I’ve ran into roadblocks. One major roadblock is that there’s an idiot four buildings away. I’ve talked to his girlfriend, who I am sure understands why I refuse to associate with that pissant. I will say I dodged a bullet, though; I could’ve been cursed with him as a roommate.

Two more crises of the mind persist: girls and free time. Free time is starting to be a nuisance, as I haven’t coordinated any events to kill my time. I would’ve gone back home earliser today to get my alarm completed, but technical difficulties beyond my realm prevented this.

Of course, girls is the real problem. I guess after I made Jared go apeshit, I realized that my only kryptonite is Christine, and I allow this to be for not one single good reason. There are others on the horizon, but something tells me that the road starts and ends with her.

On a positive note, Danielle just may prove me wrong at work. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Our Lady Peace “Starseed”

Conspiracy of One: The Rise of SHIELD

One week of vacation, first week at school, the era begins once more.

I’ve completed my move to Long Beach, setting up SHIELD at Parkside Commons. Very spacious office; I didn’t expect such grandeur. Of course, there’s a roommate, and karma has definitely decided to play a trick on me. The trick? He plays for Team Skittles. However, I’m sure this could be used to my advantage. In fact, the possibilities make me giddy with creativity.

I’m thrilled with my classes, making little objection to anything. Education comes naturally, so I’m setting my sights on the greater outcome:

Who will be the Princess of SHIELD? And Cal beat Tennessee. Sweet.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Amy Hayashi-Jones “Minute in G”