Conspiracy of One: PROMising Revelations

Note to self: never again help out coworkers. It is wrong to leave them to die, but it’s downright brutal to torture yourself for no apparent reason (see: cash). Two hours can feel like hell if the situation presents itself.

After the fiasco that was work (on a Friday…taboo!), I made good on a goal by visiting Eyad in Irvine. Needless to say, it was a tedious drive. I believe I got lost about three times on my voyage. It was refreshing to get acquainted with a new area, which I’ll shortly commit to memory. Either way, details, details…

Eyad’s significant other, Linda, was present. I swear, she must have a high tolerance for dirty jokes and nonsense, because there was plenty of it. I realized Eyad isn’t a comedic foil; he’s a freaking complement. And it worked well. However, it’s time for work at the moment, and this’ll be concluded at a later hour.

And when I said later, I didn’t mean a day later, either.

So again, Irvine, etc., et al, yes. Linda asked me how did I feel about Christine. Why the hell does everyone I encounter ask me that damn question? Do I have lines on my face that say “woe is me, my unrequited love burns like a dying phoenix”? Either way, the answer of course, was yes. I’m not sure if I want a David Beckham white or navy jersey, yet I can answer that question without hesitation. Well, that question, and would I ever like a threesome (again, yes). So, the three of us are playing pool when she brings up that question, and Linda drops a bombshell on me.

I made her jealous while dancing with another girl. Note, I do believe it was Cacie I was dancing with, who also came with a date. I believe we had been friends for three years, so of course, if you see a friend, you just might dance. In my case, it’s a given, because damn it, I’m a dancing machine. It’s funny how I’m hearing all of these revelations now, when I consider myself to be a 12th-level intellect. This revelation means I know jack diddly squat about girls, no matter how fluid my poetry seems.

Either way, this has been very welcome news. Combining this with my wimping out during the last dance, building blocks are becoming more feasible to work with, even…feasible works well. At least there will be one more encounter. Because as the title of my Rascal Flatts “Feels Like Today” cover so blatantly opines, there’s one definite example of one emotion that’s been buried:

Maybe she loved me.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Sixpence None the Richer “Trust (Reprise)”


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