Conspiracy of One: Comic-Con 2007

The last time I’ve had so much unadulterated fun was my class trip to Puerto Vallarta. There was booze, girls, dancing, and more or less, no rules. I had fun because it unleashed two parts of my personality that remained dormant for years: my love of dance, and my love of partying with girls. Of course, that was a trip that prompted my need to grow up, and live in the now…as a teenaged adult, or something like that. There, I learned that I was entering a new world, one where the rewards included passion, lust, and heavy dance music. I enjoyed this considerably; however, I found a way to top that excursion with a trip down to San Diego…

Brandon invited me to attend Comic-Con, something I’ve heard about in passing. Of course, seeing where the Anime Expo had taken me, I’d be open to another challenge. So, with the schematics set, we left for the City of Fish Tacos two hours past midnight…

And it was fun. Nothing but nonstop fun. I took pictures with random people, all of them happened to be women engaging in cosplay. I even think there was a shot taken of me with the Suicide Girls. I met Rob Van Dam, and had a meaningless conversation with him about Spider-Man. Since he didn’t remove his glasses, I jumped to the conclusion that the man was as high as a kite, but that was exactly what I wanted. Three thumb points later, I’ve got a picture with the WHOLE FUCKING SHOW. Heh, heh, heh….look Paul, it spins!

My secondary goal was to meet the Heroes panel, but that was not to be. However, my primary goal was to interact with the cast of Smallville, WHICH I DID. I lied, I cheated, I stole my way into the line for my autographed poster. Erica Durance is beaufiul…very beautiful. I shook hands with Laura Vandervoort, who will be playing KARA ZOR-EL in Season 7. I told Justin Hartley I’ve followed his work since he starred on Passions. I honestly….IT WAS GREAT! OMG! I think I marked out for a moment. I finally figured out how to perfect the “fake tear” technique, and I have a Smallville poster to show for my treachery.

Walking around San Diego, trying to find parking, eating pizza with chicken, mushrooms, and pineapples…this is the stuff dreams are made from, or at least geek dreams. And geeks rock, as evidenced by the 123,000 strong who appeared to buy, pretend, travel, etc. I am a geek, and I attended what is known as the Geek’s Wet Dream. It was enough for me to believe that Anime Expo is no longer enough…San Diego is my new vacation.

I will be back next year. May God Bless San Diego.

Current Track – Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good”


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