Conspiracy of One: Venga Shot

I have settled on a name for the chief finisher of “The Freak” Cameron Hunter. His “Sweet Chin Music” parody formerly known as “Dawson’s Crack” will officially be known as the “Venga Shot”. Borrowing from my dirty psyche and Spanish language skills, I feel that is the perfect way to end a match. Of course, I didn’t start writing so I could declare my fixation for a created wrestler.

Side note, my mom and I are getting along famously. It’s shocking, but true. I taught her my theory about mistakes, which pretty much explains why I keep a smirk on my face, despite work occasionally screwing me over. One of these days, a customer will choke on their own latte, and I will laugh. I will laugh hard. I will laugh so hard that I will choke as well.

My emotional state has been hyperactive lately. I haven’t written a song in about a week, although that can be attributed to the fact that my beautiful car is being painted by the stupid dealer. South Bay Ford is officially on notice. Back to the matter at hand, I saw a picture of Christine hanging out with friends, which made me sad. Something tells me that she still refuses to talk to me, but I want to know how she classified Prom night. There had to be feeling there; it has to be. I still think “fuck me, I’ve got to build a time machine and try rewriting the script.” It was that great of a night; if it wasn’t for her, I’d probably would’ve been a hopeless social leper. Instead, she was fun. I want fun. I want answers. Damn it if I haven’t said this for about a year now. Maybe on campus, she’ll get lost and need to use my phone. That’s wishful thinking, I know, but my favorite offensive weapon can’t be used: my pen. My second favorite, my mouth, has only gotten me this far, which is staying in a true position.

Now I’m sad. Combining that emotion with watching the Futurama episode about Fry’s dog waiting for him in the past while he was frozen…not a good mix.

Current Track – Lifehouse “I Miss You”


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