Conspiracy of One: Swagger

Feeling this car surge through my veins is an awesome feeling. I could swear I feel fire coming from my inner soul each time I think about the vehicle. It has to be personalized; everyone has to understand the theory that is the Silver Cyclone.

The Anime Expo was fun, yet disappointing. I didn’t exactly buy anything, but it got me out the house. Truthfully speaking, I’m not a big fan of anime; however, the environment is intoxicating. I wasn’t going to buy a sword, so my lack of merchandise doesn’t faze me. However, my lack of dancing did faze me; in fact, it pissed me off considerably. Why is that? Simple, my two comrades happen to have no zest for life. Usually, I don’t mind dominating thought and imposing my will because no one else will. Making sure everyone stays pacified is a must, yet when it came to something I wanted, well, I had to put my happiness on the backburner in order to transport people home. Usually, that leaves me very, very incensed. And it did. To the point that I spoke to no one after we left the hotel. Maybe I was wrong for being extremely fussy. On the other hand, I did the driving and didn’t get to do what *I* wanted. Not fun, but I digress, a good time ignoring that tidbit.

Which makes me wonder: am I obscenely energetic, or do I hang around with people with no zest for life. I wonder what it’s like to be so mellow; being relaxed never appealed to me, and never has. Even today, waking up to work the early shift (approximately 5AM) was a bitch. I was dead tired, but I was the life of the party regardless…KENNEDY! As I was saying, even tired, I’ve got more life in me than most people I encounter. It’s about showing up and showing off…or adding the adrenaline…something like that. Show me the money…show me the spotlight.

On a lighter note, Jordan and I got estimates on our audio systems. Not bad, we will be iPod accessible soon enough. Maybe now I should actually start looking for my iPod…I haven’t seen it in days. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – James Taylor “Fire and Rain”


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