Conspiracy of One: Sixteen Years, Two Owners, One Car

I broke the car. Simply put, my negligence doomed the family car that has served us since 1991. To be frank, it depressed me considerably; the first time I ever truly blamed myself for failing. As much as it is my fault, I was just delaying the inevitable; it was going to die eventually. Speeding up the process, however, was not entirely on my itinerary. Note to self: oil makes cars stay cool, or something like that. Next car is coming soon, and I resolve to do a better job.

On a more somber note, Chris Benoit and his family are no longer with us. While the people who care to know already know what happened, I’d like to remember Benoit for his wrestling legacy, not for the atrocity he brought upon the world. Two years ago, it was Eddie Guerrero, now Chris Benoit. Times like this make me revisit the whole necessity for steroids, as in, are they necessary? I doubt it. Rest in peace, Canadian Crippler. You will be missed. Let me think…Cameron Benoit Guy. That’d be an interesting name for my son. Bleh. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Our Lady Peace “Whatever”


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