Conspiracy of One: The College Experience

Today, I had to return to Long Beach in order to study for my fencing final. It was then that I finally felt like a true college student.

Maybe it was being in Residence Commons. Maybe it was the fact that I was in Long Beach past two in the afternoon. Maybe it was because I studied with other people from many different walks of life in a cozy atmosphere. Whatever it was, I enjoyed it. It’s a shame that I felt it so late in the school year. However, it will make me that much more excited to come back in the fall.

That study session might be the one thing that keeps me at Long Beach past my original plans.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Josh Kelley “I Don’t Mind Singing”


Conspiracy of One: Nineteen Years Down

So I’m nineteen. Hmmm. Time to celebrate or not? Let’s look at the goals accomplished and goals left neglected, if I can have a little help from my memory…

Success: Took a weeklong vacation to Puerto Vallarta, first true vacation in years. Ended high school, started college. Dealt with various problems. Continued driving my car. Intelligence increased, raising me to a Twelfth-Level Intellect. Reconnected with my greatest ally. Became chief closer at Starbucks. Added more jerseys to my repetoire. Continually adding more depths to my character. Started my fifth book of poetry. Smiled on a more consistent basis.

Failures: I”m still single.

Well, same failure that was here last year, the year before, and the year before that. Must figure out how to tighten my game enough to make this one failure obsolete. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Sheryl Crow “The Few That Remain”