Conspiracy of One: Mambo Masquerade

Work is a boring conspiracy that just needs to end. However, the money keeps me pacified until I can head back to Mattel. Word.

I’ve got crappy taste in girls, but after that one off dance, my eyes have told me the truth. Find girls that at least have something in common. Common stengths. Common flaws. Common tastes. It makes all the difference. To have the mind of a genius, I really need to look at the simple matters.

Continuing on the same note, I truly had a blast that night. It made me laugh and cry tears of…well, I wouldn’t say happiness, because my feet were killing me. About the only qualms I have was the fact I didn’t get any phone numbers and I didn’t have my first mate with me. Other than that, and a couple of stunning revelations that a girl I liked had a boyfriend, well, it was close to awesome.

My favorite coworker will be leaving for Seattle soon, so I have a somber disposition. May Mai find happiness back in Seattle. God knows what I’ll have to deal with here down south. At least the new pair of glasses I had will be made soon enough. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Jeff Trott “The Few That Remain”


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