Conspiracy of One: Sounds Eclectic

I’m going to be a rock star, damn it. With my latest book sure to be one for the ages, I’m currently working on putting my pieces to music. David Lockwood on piano, Mr. Fantastic on singing/songwriting duties. We’re going to be YouTube icons for decades to come. We’re going to be bigger than Tila Tequila.

One parking ticket, and vendettas settled. I have a tendency of being late to my communications class, so I ended up having a private session with the instructor. Private sessions suck…I’m not going to lie. I was scared to death, I received a bad grade, and a parking ticket. I felt totally raped by all accounts. I’m still the perfectionist speaker that my fans embrace. God bless you my fans.

As far as vendettas go, I’m aiming to settle everything by writing out my aggressions in lieu of multi-bar raps. It turns out that my delivery is nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to my coworkers, I’m up to my ass in material. Lucky me.

Talking to girls, experiencing moderate success. I figure I’ll hit the jackpot before spring semester ends. At the same time, I’ve put my payment in for housing next fall. A great task, as in no more travelling the hellacious freeway every morning, except for possible work.

Another great tidbit about this is that Jordan and I will have a middle ground for when we visit Brandon in Fullerton. We’ve been up there a shitload lately, including a planned weekend vacation this Friday. Only then will the Tekken deathmatches continue.

Speaking of deathmatches, I’m going to be a kickass fencer, or at the very least, a flashy fencer. If only I could keep Lionel’s punk ass away from me. I hate negative people that aren’t on my scale of negativity. Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Saliva “Ladies and Gentlemen”