Conspiracy of One: The Killing Joke

I guess I’ve finally created the personality that will live when others die. I snapped at work last week after being treated like a child, using words that I’m sure got the message across in the swiftest of manners. Indeed, I’ve hit the plateau of my achievement; however, it remains to be seen if my other coworkers will be able to deal with the one true leader.

Because I’m done succumbing to bullshit. Even though I sent a missile at the wrong person, my point was still made. She may never speak to me again, but it’s not like I had anything resembling a future with her, so I digress. At least until the company party this Friday.

My classes are all worth my time; I could not have constructed a better schedule. In fact, I may have found someone that may be my match in my “Advanced Alphabet” course. No, that’s not the real name, but it sure as hell feels like it; “b” as in “babe…”

I restarted my poetry writing, and I am approximately 10 pages away from completing my fourth anthology. While writing, I think about the other pages, seeing what’s changed to bypass repetition. However, I’ve noticed one thing about my writing; it’s usually about people who…well, affect me in an adverse manner. From Christine not talking to me, to the world not taking notice of my talent…it goes on and on.

The bottom line, however, is that I could not have been that bad of a person that people rue my presence. Even I’m not guilty of that much sin. And congrats to Rex Grossman for making me look like a damn genius.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Prince “Best of You”



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