Conspiracy of One: Qualms of a Prototype

Now, if I had common sense, I’d be done with this topic already. Hell, I should be done with this…I’m better than this. I am the Prototype, for Pete’s sake. But something got me thinking about her recently, and all it takes is a couple of pictures…

For unknown reasons, I have the Prom group shot as my desktop background, because well, I looked great, I was with my best friend, and well, Christine was there. I keep it in a place that I’ll always see, because I usually don’t look at pictures on my wall. I was hunting for some extra keys atop the entertainment center, and there, I saw the picture of us. Beautiful picture, sad significance.

With that said, pictures proved it happened. So if Christine doesn’t like it (or specifically, me), what did she do with her pictures? I have so many questions, yet I’ll never get the chance to ask. Well, at least I can script my dramedy on the CW in the meantime. Something tells me it’s far from the truth, however.

Skibbedebebop. Much later.

Current Track – Hootie and the Blowfish “Hold My Hand”


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